Corrugated Knife

Corrugated Knife

The corrugated knife includes slitter blade, slotter blade, crosscut blade with inserted M2 high speed steel, copper conduction paper cutter, thin blade, single-edged blade, toothed cutter, etc. We can provide various types of carton paper slitter blades, triple, quadruple slotter blades, as well as thin blades suitable for production lines, etc.

Thin blade is able to ensure flat edge, brightness and cleanliness, and non-flattening phenomenon of the split cardboard, thus improving its overall quality and appearance. This also particularly brings about fundamental improvement on the quality of the next printing process. It is available in the materials of 420, 440, A8, D2, D3, M2, M42 and more.

Slitter Blade
The single-edged slitter blade is manufactured by using high quality steel materials like high-speed steel and tungsten steel, as well as a series of advanced equipment, thus ensuring a high accuracy up to ± 0.003mm. Due to special diamond and cubic boron nitride grinding wheels, the corrugated knife enjoys high hardness, wear resistance, and durability. With a thickness of no more than 1.5 cm, it achieves smooth and flat edge of the slit wrapping paper and corrugated paper. This greatly improves the cutting quality and efficiency.

Slotter Blade
The slotter blade includes the upper and lower cutting blades. For the commonly used upper part, it has arc-shaped blade as well as arc-shaped and serrated blade two kinds. For the lower part, it has semicircular acute angle blade, right angle blade, and groove width retaining ring. This corrugated knife is produced in strict accordance with the national quality standards, with the forged steel product achieving compact internal structure and excellent crystalline phase. Given full consideration to avoid quenching cracks and other defects in the heat treatment process, the service life of slotter blade is extended.

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