Slitter Knife

Slitter Knife

The slitter knife is made of alloy tool steel, including a variety of materials such as tungsten steel, D2, M2, and more. It can be made of different materials and made into different hardness according to the requirement of customer. Mainly used in metal production and processing line, the product is particularly suited for high speed slitting of a variety of cold or hot rolled steel sheet, pickling plate, silicon steel plate, stainless steel and silicon steel sheet, and so on. In order to meet the high accuracy requirements, the cutting blade goes through surface treatment by precision grinder, as well as undergoes forging, machining, heat treatment and a special grinding process. By strictly controlling the quality, the parallelism of finished product is ensured within 0.003mm.

Knife Accessories
1. Spacer
The spacer is made ​​of carbon steel and alloy steel for high hardness and good wear resistance. It may also go through special black anti-rust surface treatment after grinding, with the thickness tolerance controlled within + /-0.002mm. The spacer used in a slitting line help to keep a certain clearance between blades, therefore adjusting the cutting gap between the upper and bottom knives.

A rubber sleeve can be attached to the outside circle of the slitter knife according to customer requirements, so as to ensure smooth coil processing and prevent scratching. It commonly uses isocyanate, nitrile rubber and other native rubbers, and is precisely hardened, thereby ensuring good wear resistant and elasticity. Different hardness and sizes are also available.

The thickness of rubber sleeve ranges from 0.9mm to100mm, with the thickness tolerance controlled within 0.003mm. The body is made of wear resistant materials and processed by forging, machining, heating and grinding, resulting in a hardness of HRC 47 ± 2. To reduce weight, we can produce the aluminum or nylon spacer, thus reducing the negative pressure of the spacer on the shaft.

2. Separator Disc
The separator disc of slitter knife can be made of H10, H13, high carbon steel, alloy steel and other materials. Among them, H10 is a commonly used material because of its good high-temperature strength and toughness balance. After sheet slitting, the disc is used to maintain a certain gap between strips of a certain width, thus allowing them not to collide with each other. During the manufacturing process, the gasket goes through heat treatment, leveling, grinding, polishing, chrome plating (0.05m/mt) to ensure surface smooth and high wear resistance. The outer layer of hard chrome plating can reduce cross-section injury in material cutting.

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