Paper Cutting Machine Knives

Paper Cutting Machine Knives

Edgemills paper cutting machine knives mainly refers to cutting blades for paper industry, printing industry, postpress industry and paper packaging industry. 

Machine Knives for Paper Industry 

We are a leading manufacturer of circular and straight knives which are mostly used in wide range of industries, especially in paper industry. 
Machine knives are necessary in every step of paper making, for instance from log cutting, paper pulp production, to final finished paper product forming. The quality of paper cutting machine knives directly affect the quality of paper products. 

Would you like to develop your paper cutting knives to improve production efficiency? 

At Edgemills, you will find precise and durable paper cutting machine knives which are made of best quality raw materials and processed with correct heat treatment.

Granulator Blades and Slitting Knives for Paper Printing Industry 

We can provide a wide range of industrial knives for paper converting industry, including granulator blades and rotary slitter knives. Ink knife and top slitter knives for newspaper printing industry are also available. 

As an industrial machine knife maker, we can also provide cutting blades for the production of handkerchiefs, napkins and paper towels. 

Machine Knives for Postpress Industry 

In postpress industry, more often than not, paper needs to be cut are soft and thin. Our high precision cutting knives are especially suitable for cutting those paper products. Finished paper products will enjoy a smooth and precise cut.

Packaging Cutting Knives 

Packaging knives are suitable for wide array of corrugated box equipment and food and drink packaging machines. 
Slitting knives
High precision slitting knives made of tool steel, high speed steel, hard alloy steel and tungsten carbides are all available.
Many standard packaging cutting knives are in stock and ready for shipment.
Additionally, customized blades are made within best leading times.

Perforation knives 

Applications: Perforation knives are mostly used in the manufacturing of self adhesive labels and pressure sensitive paper. Our perforation knives are easy to be split up and have even and smooth cut.
For more convenient installation, circular perforation knives are usually cut into two parts. Our straight knives, which are processed with high precision electric spark equipment, can be connected with each other conveniently and easily. As a result, they can perforate on paper products with a length of 4m. 

Available Materials: AISI 52100, D2, 420, M2, M42 and more

"Custom Machine Knives and Blades & Custom Specialty Steel and Tungsten Carbide Tools"