Special Knife and Blades

Special Knife and Blades

Special blades can be made of a lot of materials, such as 1075, D2, D3, M2, M4, M42, 420, and more. It is now extensively applied in the manufacture of many products frequently used in our daily life. Available in various kinds of shapes, special knives are used from medical field to pencils, papers, tires, wires, canned foods and drinks and much more.

Edgemills is a leading manufacturer and a reliable supplier of custom and OEM medical blades, scalpels, surgical blades as well as medical sae blades.

Our company is a specialized custom knives, blades and specialty steel tools manufacturer and supplier. Our inventory includes standard medical blades, corrugated cardboard cutting knives, poultry and meat processing knives, leather cutting knives, textile knives, slitter knives, wire cutting knives, carpet and brush cutting knives, packaging blades and more.

Moreover, standard cutting machine knives for paper, plastic and rubber products, and also various special cutting knives, including machine knives for cutting  tires. We also do manufacture irregular shaped cutting knife and blades per your drawing or sample.

  • Readily available cutting blade types: 

Cutting knives for label cutting, photographic paper cutting
Cutting knives especially designed for producing pencils, matches, and any other bar-shaped products
Food cutting knives for cutting chocolates, candies and for producing canned foods

  • Applications: 

Many of our special cutting knives are made in order to meet the cutting need of industries like printing, textiles, plastic and plastic product manufacturing, etc. Special slitter knives, engraving machine blades and super-thin cutting knives are among the best selling cutting knives of Edgemills.

"Custom Machine Knives and Blades & Custom Specialty Steel and Tungsten Carbide Tools"