Plastic Cutting Machine Knives

Plastic Cutting Machine Knives 

As a professional industrial machine knife supplier, Edgemills always chooses better quality raw materials to produce our cutting blades, whether they are plastic cutting machine knives, metal cutting knives, or rubber cutting machine knives. 

Available plastic cutting blades: 
Plastic cutting machine knives made of alloy tool steel, high carbon high chromium steel, and high speed steel as well as tungsten carbide (WC), are all available at Edgemills. 

The following description is a brief introduction on some of the raw materials: Tool steel is a kind of commonly used material for making cutting blades. They feature with distinctive hardness and good abrasion resistance. High quality steel usually contains higher content of Cr, which also costs more and serves longer. As a result, our plastic cutting machine knives made of high carbide high chromium steel have a longer service time. And tungsten carbide feature with higher hardness than common steels. Based on their different characteristics, we recommend different materials in accordance with different cutting needs. 

Production and processing equipment: 
High quality NC machines, automatic loading machines and high precision grinding machines highly guaranteed the tolerance of our plastic cutting machine knives. 
As an industrial machine knives supplier and distributor with over ten years experience, we have established close relationships with OEMs and terminal users all over the world. This gives us lots of chances to make improvements on our machine knife production. 

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