Food Processing Knife

Food Processing Knife

Our food processing knives can be made into circular and many other irregular shapes to cut a variety of materials, such as frozen meat, lamb, ham, cakes, fruits, vegetables, etc. During the cutting process, the tool has different usages. For example, it can be used in chopping, mincing, slicing, shredding, and etc.

The cutting blade is mainly manufactured using 420, 440B, 440C, D2, and M2 quality rust-proof steel materials, and achieves an optimal HRC hardness value after heat treatment. In addition, it has the characteristics of sharp edge without burrs, wear resistant, flat cut, strong fatigue resistance, and so on.

We can analyze the wear resistance of your food cutting process and make recommendations to enhance the toughness of your poultry and meat processing knives. Upon a thorough analysis of your used knives we can either offer you guaranteed sharpening service or if the grindability is not satisfactory, we can manufacture them with the optimal material, with competitive pricing and lead times.


We also offer a broad range of products, including medical knives, metal cutting knives, paper cutting knives, and much more.

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