Slitting Knives

Slitting Knives

High precision Slitting Knives are available in wide range of materials:

Tool steel 
High Speed Steel 
Hard Alloy Steel
Tungsten Carbide 

Most of our Slitting Knives are readily in stock. As a leading machine knives supplier, we can provide not only cutting knives produced based on the specifications of original equipment, but also provide cutting blades as per customer's special requirements.

Applications and Characteristics: 

Our Slitting Knives are suitable for slitting various materials in paper industry for cutting tissue paper, napkin paper and toilet paper, and more. Compared to the industry, our knives are longer lasting because we use the best quality raw materials and apply extra manufacturing processes that assist in improving wear resistance and toughness.

Processing equipment with higher performance will help provide higher quality product, improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing cost. Slitting Knives are important and necessary processing equipment components in paper industry. As a result, the quality of our knives plays an important role in improving working efficiency and reducing production cost. 

Edgemills has an experienced technical sales team who can help you order the optimal cutting blade and minimize your production costs. 
For any of your cutting application, please don't hesitate to contact us. For a faster response, please use our online Contact Us form.

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